Beneath the Valley

Beneath the Valley

by Margaret on June 19, 2005

by Justice Michael Kirby, Jim Comerford, Zeny Giles, Jan Dean, Jack Delaney

Beneath the Valley is a people’s history in the most powerful and personal sense. We’re taken straight into the rich seam of people’s lives through their unforgettable voices. A humbling experience to read.”
— Mark Mordue, author of Dastgah: Diary of a Headtrip.

These stories, memoirs, poems and photographs explore the tight bonds that weave families and communities together: their loyalties and violent clashes, their passion for music, their camaraderie and wicked humour, and the dread and horror of disaster.
Justice Michael Kirby, Jim Comerford, Zeny Giles, Jan Dean and Jack Delaney are among the contributors who bring to life the richness and variety of a fading era.
Beneath the Valley unearths the unexpected treasures of a mining community – straight from the soul of its people.


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