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March 12, 2013

Other books published by Catchfire Press: ‘IS THAT LOVE?’ (1999) by MARGARET SUTHERLAND (Short Stories) ‘THE GOBLIN CHILD’ (1999) by LISBET DE CASTRO LOPO (Novel) ‘BACKYARD COSMOS: Robin Loftus 2000 (Poetry) Visions from the Valley: Donald Moore ed 2001 (Poetry) Heaven’s Gate: Trevor Fing 2001 (Novel) Stories for a Long Summer: Various Contributions (Stores, Memoirs, Poems)

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Stories for a Long Summer

Stories for a Long Summer September 19, 2006

‘STORIES FOR A LONG SUMMER’ (2006) by Various Contributors ISBN: 0 9757926 1 X Pages: 128 pages Cost: $5.95 “With its combination of poetry, fiction and memoir, Catchfire Press’s latest offering Stories for a Long Summer not only conjures up all of the things that make for a great summer—Christmas and cicadas, sunsets and storms—but it also […]

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Heaven’s Gate: Trevor Fing 2001 (Novel)

Thumbnail image for Heaven’s Gate: Trevor Fing 2001 (Novel) July 19, 2001

‘HEAVEN’S GATE’ (2001) by TREVOR FING ISBN 0 9577330 4 6 This, Trevor Fing’s first novel, was written in a series of NSW prisons. He knows the chafing oppression, menace and claustrophobia of ‘inside’ as one who is enduring years in jail, and the freedom and peril of the skies as one who has flown […]

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Visions from the Valley: Donald Moore ed 2001 (Poetry)

Thumbnail image for Visions from the Valley: Donald Moore ed 2001 (Poetry) June 19, 2001

‘VISIONS FROM THE VALLEY: Poetry Of The Hunter Valley, 1960-2000’(2001) Ed. by Donald Moore ISBN 0 9577330 3 8 Dr Moore, once executive of an international textiles organisation, chose the works in this definitive anthology of the voices and visions of seventy-nine Hunter Valley poets over forty years. Who would you expect to star in […]

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Backyard Cosmos: Robin Loftus 2000 (Poetry) (2000)

June 19, 2000

‘BACKYARD COSMOS: Robin Loftus 2000 (Poetry) (2000) by ROBIN LOFTUS ISBN 0 9577330 2 X Robin Loftus, a much valued psychotherapist at the University of Newcastle, has published her poems widely in Australian periodicals and newspapers, and in 1992 published her only previous collection of poems, Flying Fish . A few poems from that collection […]

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Is That Love?

Thumbnail image for Is That Love? October 19, 1999

‘IS THAT LOVE?’ (1999) by MARGARET SUTHERLAND Margaret Sutherland, one of New Zealand’s finest story writers, has published six books variously in Australia, Britain, New Zealand and the USA. Many of her short stories have been printed, broadcast and anthologised. In the Hunter Valley, where she has lived since 1985, Margaret is also an honoured […]

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The Goblin Child

Thumbnail image for The Goblin Child March 19, 1999

‘THE GOBLIN CHILD’ (1999) by LISBET DE CASTRO LOPO ISBN 0 9577330 1 1 Lisbet de Castro Lopo, Danish born, and having retired early, in 1992, from two illustrious careers, one in cultural geography and another as a coordinator of translation services, at last had time and opportunity to embark on her career as a writer. She […]

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