Caught in the Light

Caught in The Light

by Margaret on August 19, 2002

a celebration of Newcastle’
ISBN 0 9577330 5 4

Zeny Giles has won national short story competitions, published a novel, Between Two Worlds, and a short story collection, Miracle of the Waters, and had her play, Zorica, performed in schools throughout the Hunter Valley. These have all been on migrant and multi-cultural themes. She has also collaborated with a photographer in a book about migrant experience in the Hunter, and with a composer on an opera about shipwrecks.

Her Caught in the Light is a fascinating mixed-mode book; intensely locative, the collection groups short stories, poems, autobiography, photographs and essays around each of four places: the Newcastle BHP, Hunter Street milk-bars, the Royal Newcastle Hospital and the Newcastle Ocean Baths, all as experienced—and as created—by migrants from other cultures and languages. It should be noted that two of these focal places no longer exist, as going concerns, and the other two are severely threatened by socio-cultural and economic change; how timely, then, is this unforgettable celebration! Helen Garner says,

Zeny Giles revels in this city. In her skilled and sensitive tribute, she moves with a light step from mood to mood, sharp-eyed, warm-hearted, inspired by a quiet passion.

The book is produced in accordance with Catchfire’s now established standards of excellence. Its cover is by Clare Enright, the winner of a Catchfire Press competition for senior design students at the University of Newcastle.

Caught in the Light was launched by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Newcastle, John and Cathy Tate, in September 2002 at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, and welcomed at the Friends of the University’s Lunch With A Writer, also in September, at the Capri Plaza Hotel in Newcastle West.

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