Selections for Watermark

March 19, 2014

All contributors whose work has been accepted for publication in Watermark have been notified.

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Newcastle Writers Festival

February 7, 2014

Catchfire Press will participate in the Newcastle Writers Festival this year on Saturday 5th April, 2014, from 10.00 am to 11.15pm. Members will talk about the history and philosophy of Catchfire Press, publishing and Koel Koel. In addition there will be readings by contributing authors such as Scott Bevan which will include pieces from the […]

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Recent Publications

March 12, 2013

Recent Publications by CatchFire Press Animal Encounters Wood Brick & Stone People of the Valley From the Earth to the Table Through the Valley Beneath the Valley Caught in the Light

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Past Publications Re-Listed

March 12, 2013

Other books published by Catchfire Press: ‘IS THAT LOVE?’ (1999) by MARGARET SUTHERLAND (Short Stories) ‘THE GOBLIN CHILD’ (1999) by LISBET DE CASTRO LOPO (Novel) ‘BACKYARD COSMOS: Robin Loftus 2000 (Poetry) Visions from the Valley: Donald Moore ed 2001 (Poetry) Heaven’s Gate: Trevor Fing 2001 (Novel) Stories for a Long Summer: Various Contributions (Stores, Memoirs, Poems)

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Through the Valley

Thumbnail image for Through the Valley March 12, 2013

Through the Valley (2007) Experienced authors and new contributors highlight the unique and universal, from the female artists of colonial Newcastle to a Lake Macquarie childhood between world wars, from the modern cityscape and busy working harbour to ballooning and sky watching in the upper Hunter. ‘Through the Valley‘ explores this key Australian region with a multiplicity […]

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People of the Valley

People of the Valley March 12, 2013

From ballerinas to boxers, the famous to humble heroes, this book tells of many who have helped make the Hunter Valley a vibrant, stimulating community. Rich or poor, soldiers, sailors, teachers, clergy, convicts, doctors, nurses and the couple next door: all of these and many more are the People of the Valley. These stories and […]

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Animal Encounters

Thumbnail image for Animal Encounters September 14, 2012

From hippos to hump-backed whales, from chooks to crocodiles, from suburban backyards to far-flung places, animals, real and imaginary are everywhere. Here is a wondrous collection: dramatic, happy, sad and contemplative stories and poems to suit all tastes and moods. Animal Encounters is now selling in reputable newsagents and book shops. It can also be […]

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Wood Brick & Stone

Wood Brick and Stone March 20, 2010

Wood Brick & Stone – basic building materials that can be used in so many ways, from garden sheds to imposing public buildings, sagging fences or heroic historical statues. We read about iconic places like the Ocean Baths, James Fletcher Hospital, Customs House and the Bogey Hole and, reaching up into the valley, the Putty […]

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From the Earth to the Table

Thumbnail image for From the Earth to the Table July 18, 2008

‘From the Earth to the Table’ (2008) by Marion Halligan, Zeny Giles, Craig Manhood, Andrew Slattery and many more local Hunter Writers. From the Earth to the Table is a collection of poems, stories, recipes and articles about beautiful food grown and produced locally. Authors unearth memories of taste and smell, and share their favourite seasonal recipes and […]

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Stories for a Long Summer

Stories for a Long Summer September 19, 2006

‘STORIES FOR A LONG SUMMER’ (2006) by Various Contributors ISBN: 0 9757926 1 X Pages: 128 pages Cost: $5.95 “With its combination of poetry, fiction and memoir, Catchfire Press’s latest offering Stories for a Long Summer not only conjures up all of the things that make for a great summer—Christmas and cicadas, sunsets and storms—but it also […]

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