People of the Valley

People of the Valley

by Margaret on March 12, 2013

From ballerinas to boxers, the famous to humble heroes, this book tells of many who have helped make the Hunter Valley a vibrant, stimulating community. Rich or poor, soldiers, sailors, teachers, clergy, convicts, doctors, nurses and the couple next door: all of these and many more are the People of the Valley.

These stories and poems explore the variety of figures, past and present, who have come to make the valley the place it is today. There are stories about the descendants of the original inhabitants trying to live in a changing world, also of modern migrants trying to adapt.

The writers are a diverse group both young and old, some in print for the first time, others well known names, including Sharon Munro, Gail Hennessy, Jan Dean, Greg Ray, Jean Kent, Patrick Cullen and Zeny Giles.

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